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Compact Book - A6/A5

code: 50430/50420
size: 13x16x2.3/17x22.2x2.3 cm.

PRICE : 325/495 THB

- Notebook cover made with real wood (veneer)

- The wooden texture varies on each piece which makes it an unique item

- Lightweight and produced in a variety of  wood colors

- The inside of the book cover overlayed with fine fabric. Our product is fully equipped and functional with card slot, pen loop and document storage section.

- The cover paper is coated with a matt finish leading easy to maintain.Our book is filled with 80 sheets/160 pages of lined cream with eye protection green read paper.

- To open or close a Compact  Notebook, it simply uses a magnet. Easy-to-use and portable

- Many uses for refillable journal cover. Use it as a scrapbook, sketchbook, bible cover, planner, journal, diary etc just by replacing any standard A5 5x8 inserts

- Additional stitching is provided to reinforce durability. 



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